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If you’re a fan of golf, you’ve probably heard of Larry Mize, a professional golfer who has made a name for himself in the sport. But how old is Larry Mize today? Well, as of 2021, Larry Mize is 62 years old.

Despite being in his sixties, Mize continues to play golf at a high level and is still active in the sport he loves.

Born on September 23, 1958, in Augusta, Georgia, Larry Mize grew up playing golf and quickly developed a passion for the sport. He went on to play collegiate golf at Georgia Tech and turned professional in 1980, embarking on what would be a long and successful career in golf.

Key Takeaways:

  • Larry Mize is currently 62 years old.
  • Mize began playing golf at a young age and turned professional in 1980.

Larry Mize – A Brief Biography and Career Overview

Larry Mize is a professional golfer from the United States, born on September 23, 1958, in Augusta, Georgia. He began playing golf at a young age and honed his skills at the Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, where he was a standout golfer on the college team.

Mize turned professional in 1980 and began playing on the PGA Tour. He had a solid start to his career, earning his first PGA Tour win in 1983 at the Danny Thomas Memphis Classic. Mize went on to win a total of six PGA Tour events throughout his career.

One of Mize’s most notable achievements came in 1987 at the Masters Tournament. He went head-to-head with Greg Norman in a sudden-death playoff and chipped in from off the green on the 11th hole to win the tournament. This shot, known as the “miracle chip,” is one of the most iconic shots in Masters history.

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Overall, Mize had a successful career on the PGA Tour, with 264 top-25 finishes and over $10 million in career earnings. He also had success on the Champions Tour, winning four events.

Off the golf course, Mize is known for his charitable work, including his involvement with the Larry Mize Foundation, which supports various causes in his hometown of Augusta.

Larry Mize’s Golf Achievements and Tournament Wins

Larry Mize’s professional golf career has been illustrious, with numerous achievements and tournament wins to his credit. Over the years, Mize has managed to solidify his position as one of the top golfers in the world.

PGA Tour wins5
European Tour wins2
PGA Tour of Australasia wins1
Other wins11

Mize’s impressive golfing record includes victories in major tournaments such as the Masters Tournament, where he won the green jacket in 1987, and the U.S. Open, where he finished as the runner-up in 1987. His consistent performances in other major championships such as The Open Championship and PGA Championship are also noteworthy.

“I just wanted to hit the putt well and if it got there, it got there. But I didn’t expect it to go in. It was a very difficult putt, fast from the start. I would have been happy with a two-putt. It’s still sinking in.” – Larry Mize, on winning the 1987 Masters Tournament.

Aside from major championships, Mize has also achieved significant success in other tournaments throughout his career. He has won several PGA Tour events, including the Greater Greensboro Open, Northern Telecom Open, and Buick Open. Mize was also a member of the victorious U.S. team in the 1987 Ryder Cup.

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Throughout his career, Mize has remained a fierce competitor and a formidable force on the golf course. His passion and dedication to the sport have earned him numerous accolades and a well-deserved place in the golfing hall of fame.

Larry Mize’s Major Championships and Golf Records

During his career, Larry Mize has won several significant tournaments, including the 1987 Masters Tournament, which marked his first and only major championship victory. In addition to this, Mize has also had several close calls in major tournaments, finishing as a runner-up in three different tournaments: the 1989 U.S. Open, the 1990 PGA Championship, and the 1997 Open Championship.

1987 Masters Tournament1987

Aside from major championships, Mize has also won a total of nine PGA Tour events throughout his career, as well as three European Tour events. In addition to these victories, Mize has also represented the United States on several occasions, playing in three Ryder Cup events and three World Cup events.

Although Mize’s success on the course speaks for itself, he is perhaps best known for his historic chip-in during a sudden-death playoff at the 1987 Masters Tournament. With the tournament on the line, Mize chipped in from off the green on the 11th hole to defeat Greg Norman and claim his first major championship victory.

“It was a shot that you dream about as a kid. It was a shot that you hit as a kid on the practice green with your buddies, talking about the Masters,” Mize said of his historic chip-in.

While Mize’s success on the course speaks to his skill and dedication to the sport, he has also left his mark on golf with a few notable records. For example, Mize is one of only a handful of golfers to have won the Masters Tournament on their first appearance. Additionally, Mize is the only player in PGA Tour history to have won a tournament without making a single bogey or better during the entire event.

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Overall, Larry Mize’s career has been marked by impressive achievements and memorable moments that have cemented his place in golf history.


After delving into the life and career of Larry Mize, you now have a better understanding of this professional golfer. At the age of [insert age], Larry Mize has had a successful career filled with achievements, tournament wins, major championships, and golf records that have made him one of the most prominent figures in the world of golf.

His journey as a professional golfer began with his outstanding performances in college, which earned him accolades and a spot in the PGA Tour. Throughout his career, he has maintained a high level of performance, earning him numerous tournament wins and notable achievements.

Larry Mize has also had a successful run at major championships, with his most notable win being the 1987 Masters Tournament. He has also set and broken records throughout his career, cementing his status as one of the best golfers to ever play the game.

Overall, Larry Mize has made significant contributions to the world of golf, inspiring and motivating many young golfers to pursue their dreams. We all look forward to seeing what he will achieve next.

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